72-hour Media-log: My findings.


Now that I’ve finished my 72-hour log, I can safely say that I have comprised a true and accurate collection of data that honestly reflects my media usage. Completing the log was somewhat more laborious than I was expecting; the biggest challenge being the time-consuming nature of completing the log itself.

The log was useful to me however, I didn’t feel the need to change any elements of it to suit my research better; all of the headings worked ideally for the information that I wanted to record.

I was somewhat surprised by the varied nature of my media usage. Although revolving around a handful of media platforms, I expected the log to show my usage to be a little more binary and perhaps centric to one-or-two media platforms. Instead, my media usage is both seemingly predictable but also quite broad. My social media usage, or lack there-of, is something that comes as a big shock to me. Before conducting this log, and as I mentioned in Blog Post 1, I expected Social Media to appear indefatigably throughout my log. The reality, however, is that I check my social media in chunks throughout the day as opposed to the consistent usage that I anticipated.

Another finding that appears somewhat anomalous is my repeated use of the SHU Site. I wasn’t quite aware as to how often I visited the site. This recurrent usage is down to the ever-approaching deadlines that I’m currently facing and, in my haste to collate as much relevant information as possible, I repeatedly checked the SHU site for information during this period.

An additional finding that I wasn’t expecting from the log is my repeated media consumption whilst alone in my room at Uni. I consider myself to be a sociable person and feel as though I spend a lot of time in the company of my flatmates. However, during the time of the log, my research seems to dichotomize.

Despite these unexpected results, I feel as though the results are a true reflection of my media usage over a ‘normal’ three-day period. I can be confident of this because I conducted my research and completed the log with as much accuracy as possible in order to give me said a clear reflection of my usage rather than a distorted refraction.

I chose a period of time where I wouldn’t be distracted by the importance of attending University. I wanted my log to reflect a period of time where my time would often be filled my consuming media such as; gaming, Netflix and music.

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